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A Hat, a Cane, a Truck

brimmed with sweat stains,
worn when you drove.
Lain on your bed
when I would play,
wearing it,
looking into
the hazy mirror.

From a tree,
you said
you made it,
smooth, shaved,
Snakes carved into the handle.
It was Wes Parker’s bat
as we listened,
The Avenger’s umbrella
as we watched,
my gear shifter
when we drove.

Canyon sized cabin,
no radio.
A choke knob,
a Pegasus keychain
eyelevel to me.
Me next to you,
Chief and Geronimo.

You are lying down.
inside the coat
from your closet.
your portrait
watches me
watching you.

I reach up
touch your lips,
your hands,
and the rosary
between them.

Searching for Roses on a Bus

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In gardens of concrete,

the soil of broken bottles,

blooming snapped sprinklers,

orchards of spent blunt wrappers,

gives the wind a challenge

to pollinate beauty

from hard chins

and the mouths

of tough girls

bearing hope

while wearing chains

of gold.

DJ Aztec Parrot wears Picpoket c/s

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DJ Aztec Parrot sports the latest clothing trend on the market. Picpoket c/s allows you to wear your videos and express to the world exactly who you are.

This video was shot atop of San Francisco’s Bernal Hill and on the streets of San Francisco’s Mission District, two of my favorite places. There is now a instant iron pocket from Picpoket that turns any garment into a custom personal mini-theater. go to for more info.

#OccupyOakland is under attack

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The OccupyOakland movement was attacked in the streets of Oakland today while some 80 Oscar Grant Plaza pioneers were being held in jail. This shows that the movement in Oakland is beginning to widen.

I hit up Mayor Jean Quan’s facebook fansite to show her my disappointment with her call for police repression and teargas against an innocent and unarmed crowd.

All I wrote was “Shame!” and a link to a youtube video from the streets. Minutes later it was removed. Many folks have been doing the same thing, and all of their posts are being taken down. It sounds like she has made the decision to not let critical divergent voices speak.

To that I say “Double Shame!”

Notice the times in the upper right hand corner of the screen shot.

“Remember, remember the 5th of November”


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I recently was in NYC and got a chance to visit #occupywallst on Day #9 of the occupation. The experience was phenomenal. Zuccotti Park was filled with an air of intensity, excitement, and productivity. The photos represent some of the stations that were set up to sustain the movement in the early days, a food distribution center teamed by friendly informative people who would talk and point you in the right direction of your inquiry, the library which would feed your mind, 24 hour discussion groups to educate and build strategy, media station filled with laptoppers who were scrawling out messages and information, a street gallery of signs proclaiming the wishes and goals of the movement, street performers using the opportunity to sharpen their political slants, conversations to help the curious express their frustrations and opinions, and, of course, the NYPD who keep a keen eye on the activities from ground level and above like a prison guard.

Eric Quezada, PRESENTE!

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At birth he was the personification of light and energy. The reflection of ancestors and a futuristic light escaped through his smile and wail. His mother felt majestic to have given life to such a fire, to such a beacon of happiness.

Unleashed onto the world, he donned a powerful flame More

Lost in Los Day #1

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Lost In Los

Not necessarily lost in Los, but lost in thought about the city of my upcoming visit. I am sitting in a San Francisco public library writing and researching my next steps. I will test the kindness of others through a creative journey and practice that I have called Bartering with Love. More

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